The Boredome

Boredome Encompasses Us All

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This is my first try at a community, This will be just a basic place where you can rant and be heard and what-not. And no, it's not a typo, I don't believe typos should see the light of day... The name is pronounced the "bor-dohm"

I've looked around at some of the other communities and I have some ideas, but I never really liked any of them, so if you're like me, then this place will suit you just fine.

Write stories or poems, rants or columns, get your voice heard. I get on every day, believe me when I say that this will not be a stagnant forum!

If you have a problem, let me hear it, ask anyone who's a member. If you won't participate, why would you even join this community?

Rant, write and post often, because this community is here for you!